St. Vincent “Daddy’s Home”, Loma Vista 2021

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Rating 73/100

Best song: Down

Annie Clark, had she been born twenty years earlier would be a divinity in the history of music. Twenty years later the media system has changed, so the consequent intensity of the venerations, but Annie is still a Saint, officially, and her new record is a good one indeed. And as it happened twenty years ago with beautiful records, it grows with listening.
Certainly a change of style for Annie, she is fishing in various genres trending in the sixties and seventies. R&B, Psychedelia, Funk, Soul, the influences of Bowie’s Thin White Duke age are felt in several songs.
Perhaps compared to previous works, we miss an overwhelming single, and therefore the overall impact needs some more listening, but when it comes into your blood system, it works miracles, and Down is a magnificent song.

Great work Annie, we didn’t have many doubts about it, great work.


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