Chris Brokaw “Puritan”

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Chris Brokaw Puritan cover

Puritan cover


12XU 2021

Rating 80/100

Best song  Report to an Academy

Puritan by Chris Brokaw is possibly the best album of his solo production. Who stops him, Chris Borkaw. Thirty years of underground paths, hundreds of thousands of kilometers on stages all over the world, the unconscious foundation of a genre or the like, with Codeine. And then Come, Dirtmusic, Lemonheads, collaborations with Thurston Moore, GG Allin and much more. And among seventy or more recordings, ten solo albums.

Puritan by Chris Brokaw is simply a bomb, let’s face it right away. It smells of leather trampled on the asphalt, of that simultaneously rustic and urban taste that just one kind of storytellers carry with them, the sons of blues and punk. It’s tradition and revolution, together. It has the aftertaste of the best works of Hugo Race, not surprisingly Brokaw’s companion in Dirtmusic. But it tastes also somehow like Mark Lanegan and Lee Ranaldo’s solo works.

Hypnotic and melancholic songs, with glimpses of guitar played as only Chris knows, a record that is both dark and light, beginning and end, sadness and happiness. In an age of pre-packaged works, studied under the microscope to balance the sound on the taste of the public and nothing else, it is that record you felt the need without knowing it.


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