Black Country, New Road “For the First Time”

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Black Country, New Road

For the First Time

Ninja Tune 2021

Rating 66/100

Best Song: Instrumental

Really edgy.
Nothing wrong with it, edgy LPs you can get use to are filling music history. Some are  even amongst the best ever. Just think about the first time you’ve heard Dylan’s voice, or Neil Young’s solos. Or Slint, or Radiohead’s National Anthem, if we want to move to other decades.
It’s a very anxious sound, introspective, almost manic. Some like suspenseful abstract art, appositedly driven into the deepest pits of melancholic alienated existentialism.
At the same time, and through a complexity that invites us to never take anything for granted, Black Country, New Road let flashes of light to appear too.
Passionate and dissonant, cryptically poetic, it’s an eclectic record jumping from noisy and surreal avant-garde to the rhythmic and energetic tradition of klezmer.
I’m sure I will appreciate it more with the time going. The more I will listen to it, the more I will like it. Because edgy LPs you can get use to are filling music history. Some even amongst the best ones.
Meanwhile I find it edgy although, from the point of view of listening usability. Vocals and lyrics in peculiar.
Really edgy.



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